Solar Panels

Energy is essential to any business and home. Our solar energy company has all the right products to put you on your way to alternative solar energy. Ben's Electric and Energy Solar Efficiency of NY’s solar panel installation can even go a step further and help with permitting and much more. We have unique rail technology that allows for quick installation and produces in an aesthetically superior array.

The system that our solar contractor provides you reduces approximately 21,000 parts per MW assuming the standard clamping technology of the competition. This greatly reduces installation labor costs. Additionally, our slotted rail and slot nut design reduces fastening time and parts loss in the field. We are a professional solar energy equipment supplier that will provide you with a system that allows thermal expansion and contraction. Module life span can be increased by the reduction of hot spots that can be created by standard mounting methods.

For a new installation or a solar panel replacement, give Ben's Electric and Energy Solar Efficiency of NY a call to learn more about our solar panels.